Filemaker back-up files?

Discussion created by dgmjr on Mar 3, 2016
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Say I was wondering ifFM makes a periodical back-up file (saves the file automatically). I incounted a problem after leaving a FM file open on the computer for thirteen days, I lost all my data when the commuter crashed. (The crash was not related to FM)  I realize that there is no save on the option in the program, rather your file is automatically saved when the file is closed. Personally, I don't think FM creates an back-up file. Does any one know if a script can be written to periodically save the file, say every 5 minutes?  I was able to write a script that would create a back-uk file when I closed the file.. Obviously, this doesn't solve my problem. Bottom line, It was my mistake to leave the file open for that length of time.... Any comments would be welcomed....