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FMS commando clients result documentantion

Discussion created by Johan Hedman on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by taylorsharpe

I would like to see some kind of documentation of commando "fmsadmin list clients -s" result list of clients.

From what I can see it could look something like this

Client ID = 1-10

User Name = 11-17

Computer name = 18-32

Ext Privilege  = 33-46

IP Address = 47-59

MAC Address = 60-77

Connection Time = 78-99

Duration = 100-109

App Language = 110-134

File Name = 135-152

Privilege Set = 153 to end


From looking at different FMS14 I can see that Mac Address can be much longer then just 18 letters. I can also see that letter ' in Computer Name will shorten the numbers of letters with two letters so that it next column Ext Privilege does´t start at same place as all other clients in the list that does´t have a ' in Computer Name.

I would like to know what column that are fixed number of letters and who is not.


Here is one example of how it looks for me:

313       Johan Hedman      MacBook Pro                    fmapp    az:gc:42:b1:3d:a1 9a:30:56:43:22:c5 Pro 14.0.5         Swedish      DataBaseName         Johan Hedman      PrivSet