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    Highlight a number not in my value list


      I have a bunch of cost centers entered in a value list. Is it possible to highlight a cost center to a specific color if it is not in the value list?

      In other words, if I enter a number not in my value list can I have filemaker automatically highlight the field YELLOW?

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          Sure, e.g. using conditional formatting with a formula along the lines of:


          not IsEmpty ( CostCentre::CostCentre ) and FilterValues ( ValueListItems ( "" ; "CostCentres" ) ; CostCentre::CostCentre ) = ""


          I guess it may not work in your case, but in general, one may want to add a field validation criteria to only allow values that are part of the value list.

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            Set a global variable to the values in the value list. When you set that depends on your need. Do it like:


            Set Variable $$ValueList = ValueListItems(fileName;valuelist)


            Then on the field with CostCenter, enter a conditional formatting option such as:


            PatternCount ( $$ValueList ; Table::TheFieldYouWantFormatted ) = 0


            Anytime a CostCenter isn't in the value list, it'll take on the formatting you apply.