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    Email message(s) could not be sent successfully


      I am trying to send via SMTP for a client who uses Gmail for his domain email. I have set it up just like another clients as far as the FileMaker setup goes. their Gmail is set up to allow less secure methods or applications. We are not getting reject by the server, at least I don't think so. We are just getting this error back which of course is pretty useless.


      Any ideas? I have attached a screen shot of the setup. Sure wish these error messages would be replaced by somethings more useful or at leas there was a developer level of error reports.



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          Just a short update. I tested this with the SavvyData file and it gives me confirmation that it passes everything by the 1506 error

          Elapsed time: 0:00:00


          Out of 1 iterations,

          1 failed and 0 succeeded.


          Unsuccessful count by Error#:


          Error# 1501: 0

          Error# 1502: 0

          Error# 1503: 0

          Error# 1504: 0

          Error# 1505: 0

          Error# 1506: 1

          Error# 1507: 0

          Other (not tracked): 0


          Error# Legend:


          1501 SMTP authentication failed

          1502 Connection refused by SMTP server

          1503 Error with SSL

          1504 SMTP server requires the connection to be encrypted

          1505 Specified authentication is not supported by SMTP server

          1506 Email(s) could not be sent successfully

          1507 Unable to log in to the SMTP server


          The blog post says it is usually a problem with the to address. But I am using my own email address at least one of them dan@dss-db.com so nothing fancy there.

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            So the answer to this was my client did not set gmail to allow access by less secure applications. Once he gave me his credentials to check I was able to fix the issue and this works fine.


            Sure hope there is a version of FileMaker down the road that fixes this issue.