Print header on first page of each record

Discussion created by AlastairMcInnes on Mar 2, 2016
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We have a layout for printing information about the books we sell.


Usually this information fits neatly onto a single page and we have a layout that does this job nicely. From time to time, though, the information spills over onto a second page and we don't want the header to appear on the second page of each book's information sheet.


I initially solved this by changing the header from a normal header to a title header which prevents the heading appearing on the second page. However, if you print the information sheets for several books in a single batch, you still only get the heading on the first page of the run - so the second and subsequent books have no heading.


So the question is whether there is a way to set up a layout to print a heading on only the first page of each record's output.


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