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I have a database summary view that lists all the audits completed.  There are (2) types of audits, a "Field Audit" and a "Full Audit" each type has a different print page layout.  All information comes from the same table: [audit_Tbl].


The (2) print layouts are called:


When an audit is created their is a field called [Version] which adds the text "Field" or "  " depending on the type of audit selected by the auditor.


What i'm trying to achieve is one PRINT button which looks at the field [Version] and opens a popup window displaying that audit using the correct print layout, with the option to print the selected record only.


I've set up this script to check the field and select the correct print script

print 1.png

(When I tried this script on the summary form layout it didn't seem to work?)


At the moment, I have just added a print button to the actual audit form screen - the user selects the audit from the summary layout which then opens the audit in the correct audit form.  The print button is then pressed and the popup window is displayed allowing to print the selected audit.

This is just seems a long way around to print the audit reports.


I've modified this print script to open in a popup window with the correct print layout;

print 2.png

One script called; [Print Full] and the other [Print field]


With the popup settings:

print 4.png

At the moment the print button works on the actual audit form page, EXCEPT it seems to display the wrong audit information in the popup window, however when you press print, it actually prints the correct audit.  I would like the popup to display the correct selected audit.


print 3.png