Line break on button when icon + indent

Discussion created by realgrouchy on Mar 3, 2016
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This is similar, possibly related, behaviour to the bug reported at Button Bar Labels do not auto-resize in WebDirect, but I'm getting it on FMPA 14.0.5:


To reproduce:

- Create a new solution with default theme (Enlightened)

- Create a button on the layout

- Give the button a two-word label

- Give the button an icon that appears to the right of the label

- Ensure the button is large enough for the label to appear all on one line

- In the Inspector's "Appearance" tab, "Paragraph" section, add a right indent (e.g. of 0.1 cm)


Expected behaviour:

- There should be space between the icon and the end of the text label

- The text label should continue to be on a single line


Actual behaviour:

- The label breaks into two lines, no matter the size of the button


Note: this happens whether the icon is on the left or right of the label, and whether the indent is on the same side as the icon or not.


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