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Summarizing data in portals

Question asked by dsimonson on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2016 by beverly

I have a layout based on the Anesthetic table where I want to create portal showing each medication given and total for that medication.

On the layout, the anesthetist enters individual medication observations having AnesID (from the anesthetic), MedID (from the medications table), amount, and time.  These are entered into a medication observation table that is related by AnesID.

I then display these observations from within a portal:

Time   Medication   Amount

8:35     fentanyl     50ucg

8:45     fentanyl     50ucg

9:00     propofol     100 mg

9:15     propofol     50 mg

This is easy!  But what I want to do is create another portal that will show only one entry per medication, and a summary of the total amount given during the case.

Medication TotalAmount

fentanyl     100ucg

propofol     150 mg

I tried creating a self-join of the MedObs table that looks like this:

Anesthetic -> MedObs -> MedObsSummary, but it isn’t working.  Any ideas?  Is this something I could do with a SQL calculation? Thanks.