Mac OS Preview Window focus on exported files

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I have pdf files contained in container fields. To view these I have a script that exports the files and launches a pdf reader (see below)


Set Variable [ $file_name; Value:Substitute((GetAsText(fichiers et divers 2::FC_fichiers_container)); "remote:"; "") ]

If [ Get ( SystemPlatform ) = -2 ]


Set Variable [ $path; Value:"filewin:" & Get ( TemporaryPath ) & $file_name ] Else


Set Variable [ $path; Value:Get ( TemporaryPath ) & $file_name ] End If

#on exporte le fichier vers le dossier temporaire

Export Field Contents [ fichiers et divers 2::FC_fichiers_container; “$path” ]

#importing again the file in a generic container field

Go to Layout [ “BGR_File_Viewer” (BGR__BoutonsGraphiques) ]

Insert File [ BGR__BoutonsGraphiques::DW_global_container; “$path” ]

#activating the container field launches pdf reader ("Preview" on  a macintosh)

Go to Field [ BGR__BoutonsGraphiques::DW_global_container ] [ Select/perform ]


Since Filemaker 14, the window of "Preview" was staying in front of the interface (see video opening_FM13), but now since Filemaker 14, the window disappears behind the Filemaker interface. It does this even if I close the "Preview" app between opening files.


This is on Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.3


- Is this a normal behavior or should I report this as an issue ?


- Is there a workaround ?


Thanks in advance for your help