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Question about APIs into a Filemaker server

Question asked by douglerner on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by douglerner

Currently we have an XML-RPC API running to a third-party server (which we call "the interchange") which received data updates from a non-FM community server we run. That data is then "massaged" and batched and sent on to Zoho.


This solution has not worked out well (between the interchange and Zoho), which is why we are changing to give FM a try. The FM developer we work with has been quite good on setting up nice layouts and relations between tables and search features and export features, etc.


Currently all the data is imported from Excel or CSV files.


But some data will need to be updated in real-time as changes occur on our non-FM server.


My question is, what is the best API interface for doing that with an FM server? I misunderstood and thought that XML Publishing meant some sort of interface to allow sending data via API calls to the FM server. But now I understand it's not that at all. It just a way of making data inquiries and getting XML back.


I also understand that FM has no XML-RPC feature natively, but that there are various plugins which might help with this.


Our current server is a NoSQL object-oriented database, so a solution involving SQL would not help. Our server is also not a PHP-based server. But we do have native XML-RPC functionality and also can make HTTP GET and POST requests from the server.


Any suggestions? If there was an XML-RPC interface that would be fantastic because then I could leverage all my current API code. Other good choices would be a REST API I suppose.