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    Webdirect Flickering


      HI guys same issue I am still dealing with flicking.  We are using IE11 and Chrome still flickering, I opened up one of the already made database that come with filemaker its flicking/refreshing also.  Our Server is Windows Server 2008 R2 it has 32 GB its a 64bit Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU ES-1410 V2 2.80GHZ.  That is what the filemaker server 14 is running on.  I dont understand why it keeps refreshing constantly?

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          Hi - I think you will need to provide more information to enable other members of the community to be able to assist you with this problem.  Here are some questions that might help in diagnosis.

          • How many users on WebDirect?
          • Has it worked without flickering in the past, but is now flickering?
          • Has your solution been optimised for WebDirect?  See the WebDirect guide:  FileMaker 14 WebDirect Guide
          • Are you putting a long established database onto WebDirect and expecting it to work as it does on FMPro?  If so, you may be better served by creating a specific WebDirect file that uses the optimisation advice from the guide.
          • Is it happening on all layouts or just on a specific layout?
          • Are there big graphic/image files on the layouts (hi-resolution logos, or images as backgrounds)?


          Try creating a very simple plain layout - say a simple form view with no graphics, no buttons, just a few fields and see if it flickers when you are on that layout.


          HTH.  Chris

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            Does the FMServer_Sample file flicker? 

            Some of the starter solutions in FM13 weren't webdirect optimized, not sure about 14 so that could have some bearing.


            As a final question what is the LAG to your server.  I.e. when you do a ping test how many miliseconds are there?  There can be flickering when there is a very high lag or low capacity internet connection.

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              The samples flicker also, the users are not using it yet but when I go to a user computer it flickers constantly.  This isnt live yet because I need to work out all the bugs and this is a big one.  What I notice is on my computer it doesnt flicker but the users it does constantly.  These databases are new we are trying to make some carbon copy forms online so to save money on the carbon copies

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                this is what the form looks like



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                  We had issues with Kaspersky not playing nice with the website.

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                    sorry didnt answer about the ping test



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                      We are using symantec norton

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                        Try adding the server to the safe list of the web filter.

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                          Have you exempt the Filemaker Server and Data folders from the virus protection??

                          It's in the Filemaker Server installation guide to make sure that your Filemaker Server and Data folders are exempt from virus protection - Including the inbuilt "Windows Defender"

                          I would say that is likely the problem.

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                            yes I did but this is on the client computers

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                              The flickering is also likely a problem from the solution, server, or network even though it doesn't seem that way since your computer is fine.

                              Do the clients have some different internet permissions/settings that you don't have?  Does it happen in Chrome, as well as Safari/IE?


                              - Your solution has many portals and potentially connected relationships so any change in data from other clients, the current client or the server could be causing round trips to the server and maybe the source of flickering.  But you say it also happens in the FMServer_Sample file so perhaps that is not it.

                              - The network has 1ms response time from the clients to the server so it probably is not the network

                              - Your computer doesn't have the flickering, but other computers on the same network/server do.  Perhaps the issue is that when more webdirect clients connect to the server then the webdirect portion of the server starts to run out of RAM?  Maybe reduce the Filemaker cache in the admin console so the server has more resources for the webdirect side, it's a long shot...


                              just some ideas...

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                                ok its at 510mb now should I reduce it by 100mb??

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                                  I'm guessing that your server has 3Gig of Ram minimum so it doesn't seem that the server is running out of RAM.  If you look in task manager or activity viewer you will likely see plenty of available RAM on your server.

                                  If anything I would bump that 510mb value up a bit if you have the free RAM.  Does the FMServer Admin Console say that you are getting the cache 100% of the time?  If not then put the RAM up.

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                                    the server has 32 GB or ram

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