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FM 14 05 adv - container acting weird...

Question asked by synergy46 on Mar 2, 2016
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I have 5 container fields on a tab called 'documents'

I try and add a 6th container on the same tab 'documents'  (to the left of the 'Enlarge Button')



When I drag a field to the layout it shows the field but after I designate 'File 6 Container' as the name of the field, Filemaker refuses to allow me to:  click the new field and move it or resize it.  Furthermore, if I drag a new field off the layout and then paste it onto the layout it does the same thing.    If I try and select the field, and then apply formatting, for example, FM thinks I am trying to apply formatting to the tab structure.


Also, the other 5, (older) container fields are acting as expected.  It is just 'new' container fields.... huh?


FM has been kind of wiggy this way ever since I update from 04 to 05. 


Ideas?  Comments?