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    Pre-certification evaluation test


      I am preparing to sit for the certification exam.  I would like a sample test to see if I am indeed totally prepared - don't want to waste time and money if I need further study.


      Would someone please recommend the best sample/example test.  And are there any that run on OS X - I've looked at a couple but they run only on Windows.




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          The best advice I can give is to get a copy of the filemaker advanced training series.


          Flip to the end of each chapter and try and answer the questions, then check your answers.


          If you're able to answer all the questions correctly from each chapter, you should be able to pass the test.


          What windows tests are you referring to? I know there's a few out there that are considered "cheats", and not honest assessments of your testing ability.

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            Mike is right that the best tool is the FileMaker Training Series (advanced) since that is what the questions come from.  But I found an app on the iPhone called "FM Quizilla" that asks a lot of questions of the type you find on the certification exam.  I ran through it to prompt me on what I knew or needed to look up before the exam.  Its cheap and just one tool to help and give you an idea of what the test is like.  Mostly it reminded me of areas that I needed to brush up more on and often went back to the Training Series to look up those areas. 

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              Mike Beargie wrote:



              What windows tests are you referring to? I know there's a few out there that are considered "cheats", and not honest assessments of your testing ability.


              FYI, there used to be a lot of cheats out there that apparently STOLE the questions.  This may be why FileMaker changed contracts with the testing company this last year.  If you do find someone selling the actual answers, it really is cheating.  FM Quizilla is not one of those, it is just someone's made up test that is similar to the exam, but not exact questions.  Also, I liked it being on my phone so that when I was bored, I could run through a bunch of questions getting ready. 

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                IMHO, there's no good substitute for just challenging the test. Yes, it costs time and money, but then you have a real idea of what you need to work on, not an approximation.


                There's the added benefit that if you "luck out" and pass it, you're done. So far, that's happened to me every time (knock wood). The waste of time would have been if I'd agonized about the test longer than I needed to. Every one I've taken, I've gone in ready to fail and just learn what to work on, and ended up passing.


                Others of us have failed the first time, but then known exactly what to work on and quickly passed a retest. Keep in mind that none of their certifications say anything about "second try".


                Chris Cain


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                  One of the sample test is www.passguide.com and another was passleader.com


                  I do have the FM 13 training series and I am working through the questions in it. 


                  Thank you all for the advice.

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                    Just downloaded the FM Quizilla - thanks folks, this is just about exactly what I was looking for.

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                      Regarding FM Quizilla, I've noticed a number of questions that reference some of the "new features" in FM 14 or list a few scripting functions and ask which is new in 14. Can anyone tell me if those types of questions are prevalent, because I'm new to FileMaker and probably will have a hard time identifying new features.

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                        When you take the test, you agree to not disclose the contents of the test. It's not clear what information a test taker can reveal, how general can the advice be? But most of us will err on the side of caution and reveal very little.


                        For example, I've taken and passed 6 exams. I will say that if you're new to FileMaker, you're not going to pass. If you are going to take the test, study *everything* *all* FileMaker products can do, especially the things you don't know anything about.


                        But I won't go into more detail than that.

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                          Yes, my advice is always study everything (all the docs, all the products). Go through the FTS (FileMaker Training Series - Basic & Advanced), but don't rely on it to get you to "passing level". The knowledge base (Find Answers | FileMaker) also may have information not found in the documentation, but it may be difficult to find all the articles to read. This forum has a bunch of resources beyond the documentation (see the links at the bottom of every page).


                          That's exactly what is recommended when you follow the 'next steps' in the FMI links for Certification:


                          Database Skills, FileMaker Pro Training | FileMaker



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                            The whole purpose of a new exam each version is to cover new features.  So, yes, you will have a number of specific FM 14 feature questions. 


                            By the way, Chris Cain's advice about taking the test as a prep is actually not a bad idea.  It's $150 lesson, but probably well worth it and you are allowed to take the test again in 2 weeks. 


                            FYI, 14 is probably the first version I passed on the first try.  It is a rather difficult test, so don't be surprised.  And all you need to do is pass it to show proficiency. 


                            Be aware that they ask about all features including ones you don't commonly use.  So I find myself having to brush up mostly on features I rarely use. 

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                              I appreciate the advice. I'm sure most get that I'm not looking to cheat, its just hard to gauge how the product has evolved by just studying FM 14 materials.

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                                There's nothing that will prepare you for the test except experience with the platform and taking the test. Woo. My first time (taking the test) was rough.


                                Read every piece of documentation you can find. Server, Security, Installation, WebDirect, charting, iOS/iPhone, the FM Help section. EVERYTHING. I repeat, EVERYTHING.


                                I don't think I'd trust those cheats. They can't give you the detail you'll need that the documentation can provide. You need more than just a list of facts; you need to see how all those facts come together.


                                And play with the items in FileMaker. Build test systems that can help you understand what is happening in areas such as security, even if these test systems are using the default cool-gray theme and have horrible field alignments. Build the parts of the system that you don't normally work with. If Web Direct is not your thing for clients / internal use, build it anyway. As a former teacher, it is essential students get to wrestle with the material; learning will be more conceptual and will help you string a bunch of facts from the text together in a meaningful way.


                                After you take (and maybe fail) the test, you can review those questions you struggled with in test files during the two week time period before you can take the test again☺  You can't bring anything into the test, nor bring anything out of the testing room, but hopefully those questions will have burned a hole in your brain so that you can seek out the answers to those questions. I have a folder full of test databases that help me study areas of FM that I remembered from the test.

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                                  Wow. Ok, good perspective. I have other technical experience I was hoping would help, but you've made it most clear that it probably won't. The platform is just so intuitive, I feel confident using it right away, but not feeling so confident about being interrogated on the hard code details.


                                  So, the whole exam is all like multiple choice? I had assumed there would be tasks to perform, like design a data model for scenario x or build a data entry form for scenario y.

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                                    It's not very fair is it! The FTA advanced booklet never answers my questions

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