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Any successful case of Inserting a File into FM Container Field using ODBC SQL?

Question asked by cz223 on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2016 by m_aoto

According to the FileMaker SQL Reference, as shown below:


In container fields, you can INSERT text only, unless you prepare a parameterized statement and stream the data from your application. To use binary data, you must specify the type in a PutAs() function: PutAs(col, ‘type’), where the type value is a type as described in “Retrieving the contents of a container field: CAST() function and GetAs() function” on page 40.


We can insert a file as binary stream into FM Container Field using ODBC sql.


Anyone who has successfully done so? It seems the whole internet, the community and even FM Priority Tech Support does not have an answer for that. And my experiment fails with ODBC driver requiring the SQL parameter for the Container Field must be of VARCHAR, TEXT type. It does not allow Binary Stream data type.


Any help will be very much appreciated.