XML Export Using Oxygen XML Editor and FileMaker (easy)

Discussion created by disabled_morkus on Mar 3, 2016
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Connecting to an XML Tool to FileMaker is probably well known by most FileMaker folks, but I just had the need to export a FileMaker database to XML.


Using Oxygen XML Editor, it's a snap.


Just connect to FileMaker using its own JDBC driver, open the table in FileMaker over that (live) connection, and click Export. Can't get much simpler than that. You also have the opportunity to modify the outer tags on the XML nodes.


As an example, below is a graphic of a "holidays" database I found on the Internet (who knew there were so many?).


Thought these screenshots were worth posting and hope it's useful to somebody.




Want to do xPath expressions too? No problem: (Holidays below picked at random):