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How to import into a "linked" ID field?

Question asked by jb301 on Mar 4, 2016
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I'm somewhat new to FileMaker so please bear with me. I'm more familiar with SQL relational databases so the differences in relationships within FileMaker confuse me.


I have a database with a table of students with a unique, auto incremented ID. I have a file of 125 students with information that needs to be imported into the students table and other related tables. This file has the unique ID that is used for the matching in the relationships with students across the database. I've already imported the relevant data into the students table successfully. I'm now looking to import their degree information (separate table with a link on the student ID) from that same file.


From what I've read about imports in FileMaker, there is no way to automatically create a related record based on the ID, even with a portal set up on the student record. It seems I essentially need to import the file again into the degrees table, matching the fields that I want (meaning the columns that are relevant to the degree information). I've done this, but because the student ID field of the degree table is simply "pointing" to the student table (a foreign key, no really sure what this is called in FileMaker), I cannot import into this field. It technically belongs to the student table.


How do I fill in the student ID to establish the link/relationship between the new student and degree records?


Thank you in advance!