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Script refresh after [x] Seconds

Question asked by steveoh on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by steveoh

The Issue

I've built a database for the company I work for that retrieves emails (using a plugin) and auto responds based on what the message says.  The issue I am having is that the only way I can have it auto reply is to have the script on a loop every x seconds.  This does work, but is very taxing on the program.  Currently I have it set up to simply check if the number of messages to retrieve is 0, and if so exit the script.  Even at this level of simplicity, the frequency of checks is still very taxing and makes general use of the program difficult.


As it stands, here is my current refresh script (in case this makes solutions easier to come by):


If [ _Core::Refresh Enabled = 1 ] //checkbox triggered to enable/disable the OnTimer script step

     Install OnTimer Script ["Get Mail" ; Interval: _Core::Refresh Rate]


     Install OnTimer Script [] //Clears the OnTimer script step

End If

The Question

My Question, therefore, is wether there is a plugin or filemaker function that acts similarly to the OnTimer script step, but is not as taxing?  Or alternatively, if there is a server based function (as it will eventually be hosted server side) that might have the same functions without making the program unusable.


Thanks in advance.