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Shrinking or expanding a quick find

Question asked by djk on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2016 by djk

I've the following problem...

I'm using a "quick find" to find records in a table (e.g. bookings). The table is filtered by year and payment method.

If I'm looking for a word with the help of "quick find", I get all records of the table, regardless my filter  (year and account). That's according to the rules (as far as I understood).

To find the records I need (filtered by year and payment method), the idea is to shrink the data set, so that the resulting records correspond my filter.

In the (german) help for "searching records" it is mentioned that one can "use quick find to select records and then shrink or expand the resulting data set as required". Unfortunately, it is not working, what ever I do ?!?

Has anyone an idea what I'm doing wrong?


An example:

I'm looking for the word "tire" in all records in 2015 and payed cash.


When I'm looking for "tire" using quick find, I get the following results (step 1)

DateText AmountPayment method
12.10.13Storing tires


14.06.14Summer tires


18.10.14Storing tires55,00credit card
07.07.15winter tires340,00bill
05.11.15Storing tires55,00cash


Now I want do filter this data set to 2015 and cash

This should work by shrinking the data set mentioned above. And the result should be:

DateText AmountPayment method
05.11.15Storing tires55,00cash


Unfortunately, I can not find out how, doesn't matter I use scripts or do it manually !