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I need help creating reports in an O&G database.... ??

Question asked by kkdunlap on Mar 3, 2016
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I am totally new to FileMaker and have a database that I created in MS Access a million years ago. The individual using this database has now switched to a Mac and FileMaker was the only program I could come up with to try and duplicate it in.  I've got the data entry part of it taken care of so its a simple input screen etc. for them. But I'm not having any luck with getting reports set up.  Here is a screenshot of the data entry screen... I understand to do a new layout I think but I've looked at this so long I've confused myself I think.  Any help would be really appreciated.

I have the columns totaling up in the YTD row and I have the Month Total column totaling up perfect. Just can't wrap my head around getting the reports/layout/script I need of the reports I want to run.




There will be 100+ records to total up.


1st report - a monthly report listing all properties that would have this listed for each record.

                    It would look like this...


                    "month" 2016 summary


       Header-             Purchaser/Operator     Prop ID     Lease Name     O&G     Taxes     Bonus     Totals


                                   each property listed w/ info below                         0.00          0.00     0.00          0.00





2nd report by "State" would be a grand total of all the records YTD oil/gas , then taxes, then bonus and then a total of those all added together.

                   I need to be able to do a report for each state that might be needed.


               2016 Year End By State


                         State     O&G     Taxes     Bonus     Totals


                              OK     0.00     0.00     0.00          0.00

                               IL      0.00     0.00     0.00          0.00    



3rd report - would include grand totals for each State on a separate report


               2016 Year End Totals - IL

                         STATE          STATE O&G     STATE TAXES     STATE BONUS

                              IL               0.00                    0.00                         0.00