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    Checkboxes in columns and no text


      Hi all.


      I'd like to have a series of checkbox fields, all Yes/No choices (or radio buttons, maybe).  I'd like to put them in a column, with "Yes" and "No" (as labels) at the top of the column.


      Is there any way to not have the values displayed next to the checkboxes?


      (I'm thinking of using the color white to "hide" the values but wondering if there is a more elegant solution...)



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          I just reduce the width of the field until only the check box is showing, eliminating the value on the right of the box. The value of this check box is usually just 1, but it is hidden.

          I also increase the size of the font in the field so that the check box will be a bit larger.


          I'm not sure if there's a better way to do it since 14, but the above method is tried and true.

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            To get "precise" I will create two value lists (for the yes/no) and use each value list on a "copy" of the field placed twice on the layout. That way I can size the "check/circle" to not show the label. I can place them horizontally or vertically or in any way necessary. Because the same field is used (formatted with different value lists), the radio 'behavior' (or checkbox) is correct for that field. And any text 'label' can be placed (to the right, left, above, below, or ??) by the actual field.


            I can create a small demo if needed.


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              Hi Michel,

              3 different solutions, see the dump and the very very simple example file.


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                And adding: You should probably use Radio buttons, since your user should, I guess, not be able to answer "Yes" and "No".

                The radio button model is a little bit more tedious, since you will need to create one field for each "Yes" or "No" line.

                You could also use a field with repetitions and checkboxes (be aware of any consequences, only do it if you know how/where you are going to use the data in the future!). And then you could script the shift from yes to no and visa versa for each line. Script triggers.


                Best regards



                Because of an error in JIVE I can not edit the post I made, thus adding.

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                  Hey guys, thanks a lot!  Many ways to skin a cat, right?


                  CarstenLevin:  Yes, you're right, it should normally be radio buttons.  But I'll be the only user and thought that it would "look nicer" if they were checkboxes, all neatly aligned.


                  Thank you.

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                    When I have a yes/no choice and like checkboxes, I only use ONE. Set the value to 1 when checked. The default value is 0 or empty. That way it's clear what is yes/true/1/...