FM Go, iPhone, AirPlay, Camera Orientation Issue

Discussion created by MarcDolley on Mar 3, 2016
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This problem is as obscure as the title suggests and is difficult to explain. Here's my scenario:

A local skin clinic uses a database to track melanoma's on their patients. A fairly simple database of very basic patient details (this is separate from their patient management system). The database runs on a Mac Mini running FM Server 14. There is an AppleTV attached to a TV. The database is opened on an iPhone and uses AirPlay to mirror the image on the TV. The doctor can then take photos from the iPhone and add them to the patient record. Once a photo has been taken, they can then click the image, select view and zoom in on the image. Doing it this way allows them to view the image full screen on the TV in landscape mode.


After implementing this, the client then said that in 80% of cases, they don't find anything and therefore don't need to create a patient record or store images. To solve this, I added a LiveView option which simply switches to a layout with a global container field and does an insert from device. The idea being that they could do the examination and if they did find something, they'd hit the add patient button, fill in the relevant details and then add a photo.


Here's the problem: When they hit LiveView, the image on the TV is always in portrait mode. Rotating the phone changes the image to landscape on the phone, but it still appears as portrait on the TV screen. Obviously, the client wants the image to take up the full screen. Here's the second part of the problem. If I exit FM Go and just use the camera app, it works fine. When I rotate the phone, the image on screen rotates as well. So the problem is clearly related to FM Go on the iPhone and how it handles AirPlay. For the record, when I open the database on the iPad and try it, it works fine. It's got me stumped.


Any suggestions?