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Look Up Field Issues

Question asked by ZoocMan85 on Mar 4, 2016
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Hey Everyone,


I have 2 tables, brews and active brews. My brews table is just a table that consists of information related to beer.  Fields in that table.


Beer ID

Beer Name





In my 2nd table which is active brews, its a table that consists of 60 records. Basically the first table is where you go to register the brews into the system and you can have as many as you want registered into the system. The active brews table sole purpose is to select 60 beers out of whats registered in the system. Those 60 brews is what will be used for the month. This is for a mugz club system. Here is the field in my 2nd table.


Slot ID = total of 60

Beer ID= This field is linked to brews as a relationship.

Beer Name = Look up field . Looks up from brews table for beer name.

Origin = Look Up Field from brews table.

Style = Look up Field from brews table.

ABV= Look up Field from brews table.


My Beer ID field in active brews is a drop down menu with a value list populated from brews. Consists of Beer ID and Beer name from brews table.


Whats my issue ?

When you select the brew out of the drop down menu, the look up fields aren't performing a lookup.  What do i do ?