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    Is the data I send to google maps safe


      Google maps API

      If I map all my contacts with google maps, is the data send to google safe? (names, addresses)

      Can google use this for advertising?

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          Yes, it is perfectly safe for letting Google use your information as it pleases including marketing and advertising.  It is just like Gmail and Google Searches.  They are all tracked and used by Google for various purposes that involve marketing or other ways to make money. 


          You can read the Google Maps Terms of Service at Google Maps/Earth Additional Terms of Service – Google and the general Google Terms of Service at Google Terms of Service – Privacy & Terms – Google   If you use their services, you are giving up your information for them to use as they see fit.  If you don't like it, then don't use it. 


          Yes, it is creepy knowing that they track even your every Google search and match it to your IP.  But they also are not charging for their services for the most part.  So you are trading mostly free services in lieu of your privacy.  Or as some would say, selling your soul <grin>

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            thank you for the insight. If I understand correctly it would be ok for showing like company names or addresses on the google maps, but not for sensitive data you would not normally share with the rest of the world.


            Are there other options then google? Maybe open source maps or even an offline map?