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Is "Manage extended Privileges" required for acting as local host?

Question asked by smith7180 on Mar 5, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2016 by smith7180

I was surprised to read the following snippet from Filemaker's help:


To share a file, you must open it with an account that has Manage extended privileges access privileges. Once sharing is enabled for a file, the first user to open the file becomes that file’s host.

From <>


I could have sworn I had files in which users logging in with accounts not granted 'manage extended privileges,' were acting as the host on a local network.  This has me slightly alarmed, but I have no way of testing the issue for the next week. 


If a person with an account that does not have 'manage extended privileges' opens their database, will other users on the local network be unable to connect to that database?  (sharing is enabled and all users have the Access via FileMaker Network extended privilege)