Evaluate function in Custom function

Discussion created by sfpx on Mar 4, 2016
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I have a bunch of fields that get an image by evaluating some conditions stored in a related table.

Without entering into details I have, in each field, a case statement.

Something like that



Evaluate(GetValue(conditions;1);[Ofield])=1; GetValue(c;2);

Evaluate(GetValue(conditions;3);[Ofield])=1; GetValue(c;4);



It all works well but I would like to move the case statement inside a custom function.

I would then replace the case statement in my field calculation by  EvalCondition(conditions;ofield)


The problem is that I can not specify anything as the optional field for the evaluate function inside the custom function.

I always get the error "A number, text constant, field name or "(" is expected here".


Without the optional parameter , it works but I need that optional field.


So is it possible ?