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Help Please: matching record from another table, if none then create new record in that other table?

Question asked by tdub808 on Mar 4, 2016

Aloha Everyone,


First off I'm ESL and my gramma is not up to par with an English major. Second, I'm a photographer and not a programmer. That said, I am determine not to let that stop me from learning FM enough to program me a functional DB to track my work. I'm familiar enough to understand and get around FM and it's back end but have not spent enough time to know it intimately like one who spend everyday in FM. In other words, I know basic of FM parts and functions and attributes but have not had the opportunity to learn how to connect everything together to make one simple idea to work. Third, I'd greatly appreciate you all for taking the time to help me with my issue. I'd only ask if you all can be a little bit more descriptive in your answer then a vague simply answer like "you should use a calculation."


OK here is my situation:

I have two files, one is a CONTACT file (the starter kit) and another is a CONSENT file I'd created from scratch. Both files have the corresponding table names. I want the CONSENT file to check the CONTACT file for a matching name each time the name fields are input. If there is no matching record in the CONTACT file then create a new record in the CONTACT file with the name that was entered.


So far I'm just playing with the Manage DB relationship to lookup and auto complete and create a new record without any calculation or script. So right now it's creating duplicate contact record which is a no go. Again, greatly appreciate all the help from everyone!


Please feel free to ask me for clarification and I'll do my best to make sure we're both on board with our understanding.


Mahalo all!