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    Evaluate in a repeated field



      Id:Number (serial Number)

      Cond: Text

      EvalRep: Calculation [2] = Evaluate(Extend(Cond))

      CondRep: Calculation [2] = Extend(Cond)

      Eval : Calculation= Evaluate(Cond)

      EvalRep2= Calculation [2] = Extend(Eval)


      I know those don't make sense but it's to illustrate the problem I have


      Let's suppose field Cond is "isempty(Id)=0"


      Why do I get the following results ?



      Why Evalrep second repetition is evaluated incorrectly while it's supposed to evaluate the same condition as the 1st repetition ?

      EvalRep2 works fine but this needs an extra field.