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Popovers Fail in Web Direct List View

Question asked by JLawrence on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by TSGal

Filemaker 14 - WebDirect

I have a layout created in Filemaker 14 that I am displaying in WebDirect.  The layout is a list view that has popovers both in the Header and on the body rows. I am using Safari as no other browser seems to work at all with WebDirect.  (At least Firefox and Chrome didn't work at all for me.) I am seeing issues where popovers in body of records do not function, particularly in List View in WebDirect.

Is anyone else having issues with popovers in the body rows of a list view in Web Direct?


Here's what I'm experiencing:

  • If I designate the layout as a Form, the popovers in a body when displayed in WebDirect seem to operate basically the same as in the Filemaker client.
  • However, when I designate the same layout as a List, the popovers in the body displayed in WebDirect do not function correctly.
    • If there are more than ~50 records in the found set, clicking the popover does nothing or only causes the screen to refresh. (I was able to reproduce it with a found set = 52 records)
    • If there are less than 50 records in the found set, the popover button in the FIRST row works and will work repeatedly ONLY until you try the same button in any subsequent row.  Then not only does the popover button not function in any other row,  if you go back to the first row any click it there, it stops working in the first row.  (I was able to reproduce this with a found set = 24 records).
    • An interesting note is that on this layout there is also a popover button in the Header part.  This popover button in the Header always works even when the layout is in "list" mode.

An mp4 screen record is attached.