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    Specifying a series for a graph

      I have a graph where some of the data comes from the table, but I also want to add another series where I just enter the data manually.


      To enter that separate series, I tried this for the "y-values": 1 & ¶ & 2 & ¶ & 3 & ¶ & 4 & ¶ & 5 & ¶ & 6 & ¶ & 7 & ¶ & 8


      But, this just gives me a constant y-value of 12345678.


      I'm sure this is simple, but I've tried various combinations and nothing seems to work yet.


      Thanks in advance,


      - m

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          I'm not sure you can mix data sources. The manual series you add is a return-delimited list, and your first series is based on records from the table.

          I assume your data source is set to be "current found set". In that case, the two sources don't mix well together.


          You could use ExecuteSQL to grab the data you want for the first series, manually enter your second series, and change the data source to the "Current Found Record (return-delimited list)". ExecuteSQL will return it as a list. Or you could use the List() function to gather the data you want to use from the table. Using List () is a bit more complex; I think you'd have to put the chart on a dummy Table Occurence, relate the data table to this, and use some method to find the data you want to list on the graph.


          I use ExecuteSQL in all my charting needs. Charting and ExecuteSQL seem to go hand-in-hand. Charts can be placed anywhere and pull any data from anywhere using this amazing function.

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            Yep, that appears to be what the issue is.


            I was just being lazy and trying to do a quick graph.


            Thanks very much.


            - m