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    FM11 Pro Advanced runtime solution



      1. Can I make a RTS on Mac which is dual mode windows and mac?
      2. I am trying to follow "Help" files but keep failing to generate a RTS that works.  Is there a better guide in step by step format elsewhere?
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          RTS is OS specific. If you generate a run time on windows it will work only on windows. If you generate it on MAC it will work only on mac.

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            No. You need to create the runtime on Windows using FM11 in your case. There is no "cross-compilation" when creating runtimes.

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              I use VirtualBox(v5.0.14) which is free and running Win Home 7 Premium on a Mac using OSX 10.9.5 (and in the past 10.6.8) and created RTS in versions 11, 12 and 14. Keep in mind that FMP 14 is 64 bit only.


              As the others have said you need to compile your RTS in the OS it is to be used on so that means one while in OS X and then other while in Windows. You can install a Windows version of FMP on your Windows OS/partition on your mac (or stand alone computer) but you are not allowed to run both instances at the same time.


              I tend to do all my dev work on Mac then run it in Windows to check font hiccups and field sizes etc. and compile from there.



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                FMP14 for Mac is 64bit only.  FMP14 for Windows comes in 32bit and 64bit version.



                32bit runtimes will run on 64bit and 32bit machines but a 64bit runtime  will only run on 64bit machine.  If you need 32bit runtime and 64bit runtime for Windows then you will need to install both 32bit and 64bit of FM, so you would have two Windows versions and Mac version install.

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                  Thanks for the correction. It looks like I will need to download a 32 bit Win version just in case. I see that I downloaded the 64 bit version for my windows install since I am running 64 bit Home Premium without researching further. Since I only recently moved to v14 I am still finding my way around what I need for what. I think I have been lucky by not having issues!


                  RichArt - apologies for the misinformation.

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                    Thanks everyone.  Between the answers here and a Youtube video and many hours of figuring it all out I was successful in creating an "Install" program for Windows.  The program installed smoothly and opened okay.



                    My database is static in that it will not allow additional records.  Is this what runtime solutions generate?  A source of fixed data that cannot be changed or l supplemented?  If so, I am disappointed to say the least. 

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                      Thanks for the help.  I was able to create an installer file with the RTS

                      but the end result is a static database.  It was not possible to add or

                      modify records.  Is this the normal result of this process?

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                        No the runtime is not a static database.   Couple of area you should look into.  1.  Security - make sure the user has read / write privilege in FM.   2. If you installed the file into 'program files' or 'program files(x86)' folder then you will have to give the window user write privilege to the folder.  Some install program automatically set the privilege for Windows but not all do.   I find it easier to just use a local folder that is not in the 'program files' folder.  For Example c:\MyApp\myapp.exe

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                          Thank You!

                          It was both of your suggestions.  I had to create a new user with data

                          entry privilege and I did have to install outside the Programs folder.  It

                          took long enough to create the DB but I had no idea it would take me so

                          long to learn the runtime/installer procedure.

                          Thanks again.

                          Richard (old but still learning)