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Stuck on calculation of a value in most recent record in a related file

Question asked by RayRomanczyk on Mar 5, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2016 by RayRomanczyk

This seems conceptually simple but can seem to work it out. I have a file users update with status information (lot of yes-no type questions). In master file I display a portal to this related file linked by user unique ID. I sort portal in reverse using auto entered serial record id, so most recent record always appears first in portal. All this is fine. I want to simply capture in a calculated field in the master file a value of a field in the related file, but only the most recent record - just what a user sees in the portal. I can't use a script in this case which would be easy. Of course when I set up a calculated field, it picks up the first matching record in the related file, not the value the user sees because that portal is sorted.


Since the records in the related file are updated aperiodically - from once in several years to daily - I can't extend the user unique ID relationship to add a specific time increment parameters.


I must be missing something. Seems like should be simple. Thanks for any suggestions.