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First window from the Dock inactive

Question asked by PieroF on Mar 6, 2016
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The first time in a user session FMPA is activated by clicking a file.fmp12 icon on the dock, the new window is inactive and FMPA “locked”.


FileMaker Pro Advanced 13 and 14

Operating Sustem version:

OS X 10.10.x and 10.11.x


The first time after a reboot or a user logout/login FMPA is started by clicking on a file.fmp12 icon on the dock, the first window is opened but remains “locked”, that is no activity is possible on it, none of its buttons works, no field is accessible, all menus are greyed out, with the exception of the File/Open and File/Close and a few others in the File set. Instead Toolbar buttons continue to work, but the window remains “locked”.

When this happens, selecting a different app and returning to FileMaker restores normal operation.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

0. prepare by dragging an existing file.fmp12 to the right section of the dock

1. Reboot the system, or user logout (sh-cmd-Q) and then login again

2. Click on the file.fmp12 icon in the dock

3. Its first window is inactive and cannot be accessed

Note1: What described above happens 95% of the times. The remaining times instead everything works as expected (the new window is active and usable).

Note2: any subsequent activation of file.fmp12 from the dock in the same user session works as expected, till next reboot or logout.

Configuration information

Issue confirmed with a minimal test database with no plugins installed and no scripts.


Switch to different app and then switch back to FMPA


The effect is identical to that  described in the “Closing a FileMaker window while FM is not active leads to a state where no window can be active” issue, reported here on Dec 15, 2014 - But the triggering cause is different.