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Question asked by Ben_B94 on Mar 7, 2016
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I am running FM Server v. on windows and trying to run a couple scripts but am having problems.


Emails are sent via SMTP relay, all details entered in correctly. All of our email accounts are hosted on office-365. I've tested by running the script and sending to myself, it worked fine.

When I schedule the script to run from the server it runs but I see in the logs error 1506 - emails not sent successfully. I do get emails in my inbox from the relay saying 2 addresses out of about 20 couldn't be sent to, is this what is breaking the script? Will the send mail script stop if it cant send a mail(stupid question I know)? What I mean is a variable is used to hold a found set of emails and it loops through each email, will this break completely out of the loop if the email isnt sent instead of just skipping to the next record?


Secondly, I'm trying to send a report as pdf again from a scheduled script on the server, 2 problems save as pdf and insert file are not compatible but I recall reading that this could be done by saving the pdf in say the temp folder, then inserting the file from there into a container and then sending it. Have I got that wrong or is it just completely not possible?