Filemaker Crash

Discussion created by on Mar 7, 2016
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I'm fairly new to filemaker and we are experiencing Filemaker Server crashes about once a week.


Can anyone tell me anything to look at that could determine the cause of the crash.


We were experiencing the crashes so we changed to a completely new server, went from filemaker server 13 to filemaker 14, and a new OS and we are still experiencing these issues. There is nothing else on the server except for the filemaker server application and supercontainer. There are no screensavers, anti-virus, etc.


Are there any logs to tell me the cause of the crash? I found some in the filemaker server folder but they did not seem detailed enough to be useful.


We are currently replacing old user computers to new ones as well, so we still have a few users still on filemaker pro 12 (1 or 2 interns with really old computers), 13 and  filemaker pro 14. Can such a diverse array of users cause a server crash?

If we come close to maxing out our bandwidth, can that cause a crash as well (like if we have 10mb and it spikes to 8?)


Any help or ideas are appreciated!