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Script to output multiple rows per input record

Question asked by jcgrafted on Mar 7, 2016
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Script to write items to a file


I am using FileMaker Pro 13


I am writing a script. I have three email fields that, if they are not blank, need to be added to a master email list. I know how to use a script to export a found set to a file. I know how to scroll through a found set to find data. What I do not know how to do is write to a file (as opposed to an export) as I scroll through the found set.

What I am basically looking for is a line feed to an excel or tab delineated file.

My output will create up to three records/rows for each record I read from the found set. It is as if I was inserting a line feed between each of these three fields... but only if the field contains data.