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Value Lists Issues

Question asked by canmac on Mar 7, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2016 by canmac

I have been using FM since version 3, however, don't mistake duration for me being a master programmer.


Recently we upgraded from version 12 to 14, and yes we had to go purchase a dedicated server.  The reason was to jump on the web with our projects/crm databases for our employees to make easier to keep up todate on the road.


I have had a nightmare trying to figure a value list problem.  These lists have run for years with no problems.

However, with version 14 utilizing my Projects database, with the project # field active, the list is to return a project # (value 1) and the project name (value 2) is the sort field, previously you were able to type the first couple letters of value 2 and it would narrow in on the correct project number (value 1) you want to bring in.  Now if you try typing it will not affect value 2 it thinks it is still on value 1 not recognizing value 2.  So to make this work with version 14, I am having to hide (value 1) in order to search/type by project name.

Now here is the real kicker, i have a version 12 running and it still can access the new server and the value list operates as expected????


I have the Server Software 14.04 on a new server running 64bit.

I found to get the email to work properly with my outlook I am running the FM x86 14.04 32bit client version.

I have a hard time believing that there is issues since it is running on my term server with FM12 just fine.


I am thinking there has to be a button somewhere to turn some feature on/off.

I have spend the last 2 weeks sending files back and forth to FM Tech Support and they say they work fine on their end.

Has anyone run into this with any of their recent software upgrades.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.