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    Import: when the file isn't there


      I have an import script, works fine but stumbles if the user has forgotten to put a file to import into the import folder. I'd thought an

      If( not isempty (filepath/file); import script) end if

      might work but doesn't. How do I check for a file's existance in order to avoid running the import script when there is no file?

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          Have you tried to catch the last error? I'm not sure what it should give you as feedback, but it should be one.

          Try to set $error   to  get(lasterror)

          if $error = 0 run remainder of script.

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            Thank you; good idea that works.


            1 problem that remains is that I have export files from 8 tables to be imported as 8 files. However, sometimes users will have a parent record and records from 1-7 child tables. So if there were anything less than the full 8 I'd get an error because 'import' would try to import a non-existent table.


            Possible solution: I force export to export 1 parent with a full set of child exports. I'm not sure if there's a neater method.

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              Hi Tays,


              You might try a loop and 'validation' check. Something like:



              if (isvalid....)     [or some other check]

                 ScriptAction  [import action]

              End If

              End loop


              For a more detailed solution I need more insight

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                I can see the need to validate. However, if all the import script has to validate is whether there is a particular file in a folder, how does one validate that? Out of the 8 potential files in the folder, if 2 are missing, the script is fine giving the custom dialogue warning that they are missing. The other 6 may be missing because there weren't any records to export for those tables or the user forgot to put them into the import folder. There is nothing I can do about the latter. So, I'd like the script to warn if files for tables 1+2 are missing, but for 3-8 check if they are there, if there are, import, if not, skip to the next without any warning if they are missing.


                Does that make sense?