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Filemaker Server 14.0.4 upgrade problem

Question asked by alternapop on Mar 7, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by alternapop

I just upgraded our Filemaker Pro 14 Server from 14.0.3 to 14.0.4. After the upgrade finished I opened up the Admin Console and see that  none of our databases are being hosted.  We store the databases on the D: drive.


When I go to Admin Console > Database Server > Folders, it shows the default folder, which we don't use, and the 'additional database folder 1', which is set to the correct folder on the D: drive, is greyed out and I can't modify it.


I've tried rebooting the server, shutting down FMP, the service, etc. I haven't tried a reinstall but I shouldn't have to. Are there any other things I can try. It looks like a bug with the upgrade.