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    Intel Compute Stick


      Has anyone else wondered whether FileMaker Pro would run on one of Intel's new Compute Sticks? They are releasing a Core M5 version with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of flash storage. It would make an amazing demonstration machine.

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          Check the resolution of the screen you want to attach it too, I think they all have 1080p resolution output maximum so if you have a large screen then it won't work well.

          Also if you are heavy on a web viewer / browser integration the experience may be slow.

          Those are just considerations I have had, I haven't used an Intel compute stick so I couldn't say definitively.

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            I have been looking at these to set up for our training lab. I have one of the 2/32 gig models configured with Filemaker 14 and loaded a 2gig database on it.




            I was surprised by how well it works. The 4/64model would be even better.




            Even with Filemaker and the database loaded there was still 10 gig of space on the internal drive. I will not need to use any additional storage.




            We use 24” Samsung Monitors for the lab and the compute stick just plugs into the HDMI port.  Coupled to a wireless keyboard they are a neat set up. The video performance was as good as my main development computer.




            Only thing to keep in mind is the compute stick needs to be powered so a power outlet has to be available.  It is not as simple as just plugging into the HDMI port




            Much easier than lugging around SFF computers to power the lab.




            At less than $200.00 they are good value.




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              We purchased a 2Gb/32Gb Quad-core Atom version for around £60 for an exhibition where we were demonstrating FileMaker streaming from our cloud servers on Windows 10 (the compute stick, it took all night to upgrade from Win 8.1), Mac El Capitan (just released at the time), HP Chromebook, Android, IOS and a very old laptop running Vista (wanted XP, but couldn't get it loaded).


              Although the exhibition was demonstrating our standard Citrix/RemoteApp servers, out of interest we also loaded FileMaker v14 on the compute stick, used it with a Logitech wireless keyboard/trackpad and plugged it into a 32" LCD TV.


              We expected the streaming to go well, as this runs fast on anything, but like Jim, we were very surprised how well the Atom coped running FMP locally and, although we haven't had any time to carry out any benchmark tests, basic operation was absolutely fine. And we got a nice smart TV to go with it!!!!!!