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Need Help with my Creating a record script

Question asked by thong127 on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2016 by TSPigeon

Hi Everyone,


Can you please help me improving my script below its not working for me.

Show Custom Dialog [Title: "Do you want to add materials to your record? if yes" ; Message "Enter your password"] Input Field : Material


Exact(Materials::Material Password; Materials::Password Field)

not Exact(Materials::Password Field; Materials::Material Password)

Show Custom Dialog [ Title: Message ; Message: "Password unsuccessfull! Try Again"]

Get ( LayoutTableName ) = "Materials" and not PrivExists ( $$Privs ; "Create Material" )

Show Custom Dialog [Title:"Sorry, you do not have the necessary privileges to add New Materials."]

Exit Script[]

End If

New Record/Request

Commit Record/ Request [Skip data entry validation]

Set field [Materials::Password; ""]

End If

End If


Thank you.