Portals not auto-refreshing in 14.0.5

Discussion created by scottworld on Mar 7, 2016
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We seem to have discovered a significant bug in FileMaker Pro 14.0.5, for a database file hosted with FileMaker Server 14.0.4.


Aren't unfiltered portals ALWAYS supposed to automatically refresh to show any new line items that are added elsewhere? We've got a very simple invoicing solution with no tricks at all. Just the world’s simplest invoice table related to the world's simplest line items table. The relationship is just your basic generic relationship: the primary Invoice_ID field related to the foreign Invoice_ID field. Nothing unique going on here at all. (We also have the relationship checkbox set to allow creation of line items via the relationship, and the line items are sorted by date  — which is a date field on each line item.) This is all Basic FileMaker 101… nothing unusual nor advanced going on here.


The invoice layout has a portal showing the related line items. Simple as pie. The whole setup would take about 30 seconds to setup… no trickery involved.


If we open up 2 windows side-by-side in FileMaker Pro — one window is the Invoice table and the other window is line items table — and we start adding new records directly into the line items table, we get the expected behavior: Every time we add a brand new record into the line items table (with the proper Invoice_ID), that line item immediately & instantaneously shows up in the portal on the invoices table. Expected behavior.


However, if we launch FileMaker Go 14.0.4 on the iPhone, and we go into the line items layout on the iPhone, and start adding new records directly into the line items table on the iPhone, the invoice layout on the desktop will NOT automatically refresh its portal with the newly-added line items. Those newly-added line items do actually exist in the line items table, but they do NOT appear within the portal on the invoice layout. We’ve tried adding dozens of line items via FileMaker Go, and yet FileMaker Pro's Invoice table on the desktop STILL doesn’t refresh its portal to show the newly-added line items. We are required to force a window refresh in order to force the portal to update itself.


(If you aren’t seeing the same behavior on your end, then I can go into more detail about how we are adding the line items on the iPhone. We are actually adding each new line item via a very simple script that freezes the window, switches to the line items layout, adds the new line item, then comes back to the original layout. Again, very simple FileMaker 101 methodology, with no trickery involved.)