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Sage Line 50 ODBC to Filemaker on Windows 64 bit

Question asked by Stu412 on Mar 8, 2016
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Hi all


I suspect this has been asked 100 times before but I cannot get this to work.  This is very new to me.


I'm looking to connect Filemaker to Sage Line 50, version 21 on Windows 64 bit.  I want to use FM as the system to download data from the tables in Sage. 


I've created a DSN using the ODBC32.exe in Windows/SysWOW64 which is what I've managed to find from other forums.  It's only by using this method that the Sage DSN becomes visible in Filemaker File>>>Import>>>ODBC.  (If I create a DSN from the Windows control panel, I cannot see it from the File>>>Import menu in FM).


So now I can see the DSN, but I cannot connect as FM is asking for a username and password which I've not specified.


If I specify a Sage company.000 file in the DSN path set up, I'd expect to be able to enter the same password that I use to enter this in Sage (in this case, 'Manager' as a username with no password), but this does not work from the FM side.


So given all this I'm completely stuck and would love any help on this!


Thanks in advance