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Container Fields w/ Video do not work?

Question asked by tomperr on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2016 by bigtom

Having problems with the container field and video contents.  I have created animated logo which rotates and would like to activate when form is open.  I have created and tried the following formats: .mov .gif .avi mp3 .wav

Inspector setting once inserted are reduce image to fit; Interactive content is selected, start playback automatically, preserve transparency.

I understand the gif requires base 64, which I am far from a programmer, just a beginner.

When inserting the .mov file, field shows the control bar with black screen but noting comes up.

When inserting a wav and mp3 file, the field remains black but the play seems to work and stops at end.  note: the screen remains black.

When inserting an avi file, it takes a couple mins for the image to come up with all the buffering.  It then runs thru the play and ends at the end.  I would like to eliminate the controller bar on bottom, have the video repeat so that the image continues to rotate, This is a 3 second video and the file size is 41 meg.

How can I resolve?