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How to creat a DB of client records that also tracts there progress?

Question asked by BlueGirl on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by BlueGirl

Hello all, I'm trying to build a data base (DB) to track my clients and the work I have done on them. I'm new electrolysis just starting out. I need to track not only client info ( name, address, contact info....) But I also need to track the settings I uses for each person's visit (10 different Values). This sounded easy to me, until I tried to build the DB. With a bit of editing to the FM Contacts sample DB I'm able to track most of the info I need. But what I need is a table of each session's data on the client record. IE if I have a client card for John Smith I would like to be able to add a line on a table of all his past treatments. IE (Client Card (personal info (session info))).


My best attempts to solve this is to have two DBs for each client. So not that great of a solution. To many files to manage and update with any changes on.


The solution I would like to see is a DB of all my clients. On each client record their personal info would be displayed. At the bottom of their card would be a scrollable spread sheet of the session data.  So when I simply clicking add record button I would get a new record for a new client and have a table that I can add session data to for each treatment.


So my question is how do I create the spreadsheet at the bottom of the client record?


Thank you