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Are files in FM's temporary folder deleted automatically on FMS?

Question asked by RossHurley on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by user19752

Hi all,

I've search the archives, Help and Knowledge Base but can't find the answer to this. On a locally hosted file, container files saved to FM's temporary folder using Get (TemporaryPath) are deleted when the user quits FM. But what happens on FMS? Knowledge base says, "In FileMaker Server, each schedule runs in its own session; once the schedule is completed, the session terminates and the temporary folder is deleted". I'm confused by this. What is a session in FMS? I can't find any description in FMS Help or elsewhere. I am setting up a document management feature in a client's system, using Get (TemporaryPath) to save a container file to the temporary folder, then opening it for the user. The client is using FM13 on FMS13. So, my question is simple: on FMS, are files saved to the temporary folder cleared automatically, or must I take explicit action?



Ross Hurley