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Copy/Export one specific field into another table on another pc

Question asked by ApprenticeNeedsHelp on Mar 9, 2016
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I registered myself on this site only to ask one question that i was unable to find an answer in google. I work for a company where they have a pc with the main filemaker tables on it that i need and a second pc where a second table should be located. The table at the second pc should include some fields from the main filemaker table when i activate a script wth a button it should export it to the second table. i cant just export parts of the table with a script, because the the construction of the main table is completely different from the one i work with.


Now to my question as it is displayed in the title: How can i copy or export only one field into another table on a different pc? i read something before how to export one field to another table, but this one was on the same pc and not another.


btw i'm using FM pro 11.


Thank you very much in advance