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Phantom missing fields in DDR

Question asked by gkamp on Mar 8, 2016

I have a legacy database comprised of a main contacts table and several smaller tables that either use information from Contacts (related to it) or eventually add information from a temporary table in an import into Contacts.  Scripts exporting data from the temporary table (either as Excel or FileMaker 14) files and then importing those fields into Contacts--sometimes as new records, sometimes updating information in an existing record via matching a key field--creates a matching list from Contacts that includes ~240 blank spaces that correspond to the <missing field> designation in the DDR (Database Design Report).  Not to mention that scrolling through all that blank space to look for matching fields is unpleasant.

I thought originally that this might be connected to a poor relationship (needlessly matching 13 fields, and ironically not including the critical match) between these two tables, but fixing this seems to have no effect on making these phantom missing fields disappear for good.

It doesn't appear to hurt anything but looks horrible in the DDR. I'm not sure what to try next...

Any help appreciated.  Thanks!