FMP 14 Send Mail issues - 64 bit/ 32 bit

Discussion created by mardikennedy on Mar 8, 2016
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Very sorry for double post - the original is already marked as answered however the answer is not applicable to this environment.  Original thread:  FileMaker 14 64 Bit and Send Mail via Email Client



So many pages of discussion (9 pages +) - I haven't read it all but apparently the issue still persists.  32 bit and 64 bit incompatibilities in a Windows environment with Outlook/ Office.


This is a Windows network, several thousand WSs of which < 10% use FMP.  Corp install is Windows 7; current Outlook (12) is 32 bit.  Eventually there'll be a shift to Office 365 and presumably 64 bit operations.


FMP users are still on v12; no significant issues.  As a developer, I have FMPA 14 for local development and like all the rest of the world, I now have Send Mail issues.  Crashes to be specific.



Should I just uninstall the 64 bit version of FMPA 14 on my local WS?

Or is there a better solution, given that I have no control over the corp installs of approved versions?

What do I 'lose' without the 64 bit version?


Given these kinds of unknowns, any FMS upgrade and wider client rollout remains unscheduled.  Is it best to just keep postponing until after the Office 365/ 64 bit rollout?