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Many to many relationships

Question asked by Grooveee on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2016 by jonasmn

Hello everybody,

Im trying to make a database and after many hours watching tutorials, i cant find a solution for my problem.

So, what I have is only 1 product that its selling by many hotels. What I did so far is my layout with the many hotels.

But i need a swell another layout where im going to put each week database how many sells each hotel did. Something like many actors and many movies example.

And its get more complicated when im trying to see the quantity of how many numbers sold each hotel, each week.

I try to put portal in the weeks layout where i can see every hotel and then put the quantity of numbers sold.


On Excel its so simple. On the left side I put the hotels name and on top the week. As Data i put the result of the  number  sold. This way i can see each week witch hotel how many sold and each hotel how many sell every week. How to do that in FileMaker


I get really stuck


Please give me some advice.


Thanks in advance!


PS: Sorry about my english