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Printing from FileMaker Go

Question asked by . on Mar 9, 2016
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I am trying to figure out how to print a layout from FMG in a size that I dictate.


I am trying to print labels from an iPhone to a label printer with a maximum width of 62mm.  I have a layout that is set to 62mmx100mm however FMG continues to print at 62mmx62mm.  When I print the same layout from a pc to the label printer the label prints with the correct sizes.


I have no idea where FMG is getting the settings of 62mmx62mm from.  The driver I have installed on the phone (Brother) has the settings stored inside itself of 62mmx100mm and I can print straight from that app with no problem.  The problem seems to stem from FMG (print previews show as 62x62, regardless of zoom & fit to size) but I have no idea where it is getting its default printer settings from.


Any help with this would be massively appreciated.